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Welcome Emmy, Kaatjes, and Michael: Strategic Additions to Our Team !

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of three new members to our team: Emmy in Marketing, Kaatjes in Customer Service, and Michael in Logistics. Their unique skills and experiences are set to bring significant value to our company.

Emmy in Marketing: Emmy, with a background in communication and event management, transitioned to the medical field after organizing numerous sector-specific events. At Aleamed, she brings creativity to our marketing initiatives.

Kaatjes in Customer Service: Having worked with customers in various capacities, Kaatjes believes in building relationships and ensuring a positive experience with every interaction. “Your satisfaction is my priority, and I look forward to assisting you whenever needed,” she says.

Michael in Logistics: With over ten years of experience in supply chain management, Michael will optimize our logistics processes and ensure the efficient delivery of our medical products.

We are confident that Emmy, Kaatjes, and Michael will enhance our team and help us achieve new heights.

Welcome aboard!