As a leader solution in the treatment of severe wounds with over 25 years of clinical regeneration, the Integra Dermal Regeneration Template is the only FDA-approved product for dermal regeneration. This treatment is advised for severe burns treatment, scar contractures repair, head and neck reconstruction, and has also been used since 2016 for diabetic foot ulcers treatment.

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Surgimend is a unique acellular collagen matrix derived from fetal and neonatal bovine dermis which is rich in Type III collagen. Type III collagen has shown to mediate tissue healing and regrowth while inhibiting scarring. It offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction.

Surgimend is specifically indicated for:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Muscle flap reinforcement
  • Hernia repair including abdominal, inguinal, femoral, diaphragmatic, scrotal, umbilical and incisional hernias



NeuraGen Nerve guide is an absorbable collagen tube designed to be an interface between the nerve and the surrounding tissue and to create a conduit for axonal growth across the nerve gap. Therefore, it replaces the need for short gap nerve graft and eliminates the nerve harvest procedure and potential donor site complications.

NeuraWrap Nerve protector is an absorbable collagen implant that provides a non-constricting encasement for injured peripheral nerves for protection of the neural environment. It is designed to resist compression from surrounding tissues and to exclude scar tissue ingrowth.


MicroMatrix® is composed of a porcine-derived extracellular matrix known as Urinary Bladder Matrix (UBM). The device is supplied in a particle form in units ranging between 20mn and 1000mg and is packaged in a glass vial. The device is terminally sterilized using electron beam irradiation.

Indications for Use

MicroMatrix® products are intended for the management of wounds including:

  • partial and full-thickness wounds
  • pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers,
  • undermined/ tunneled wounds,
  • surgical wounds (donor sites/grafts, post-Mohs surgery, postlaser surgery, podiatric, wound dehiscence),
  • trauma wounds (abrasions, lacerations, second-degree burns, skin tears),
  • draining wounds.

The device is intended for single-time use.

Contra indications

MicroMatrix® should not be used for patients with a knownsensitivity or allergy to porcine materials or for use in third-degree burns.