Macs-lift surgical set

This revolutionary facelift technique was developed in 1999 by Tonnard and Verpaele in the Coupure Centre for Plastic Surgery in order to lift a patient’s aged face in a simple and natural manner and with minimal effects and risks for the patient.

The primary benefits of the MACS-lift are:

• Natural results with preservation of your own facial features

• Safer because the classic side-effects of a facelift are avoided

• A short and inconspicuous scar

• Quick recovery

• Excellent sustainability of the results.

In summary, the MACS-lift involves making a small incision along the front of the ear to clear a bit of skin and return the sagging facial tissues to their original position in a vertical direction.

To do so, two strong yet soluble threads are woven into the tissues to achieve a sustainable vertical lift. This is the secret of the invisible scars: all tension is subcutaneous, while the skin itself is hardly under any strain.

This makes it possible to correct a sagging neck, chin or cheeks with removal of only a small amount of skin.

MACS-lift stands for “Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift,” i.e. a facelift that only produces a small scar and involves the vertical suspension of the sagging tissue.