Within our Surgery department we offer all kinds of instruments, implants and medical devices for all departments within the hospital.

In addition, Aleamed also has a technical department that carries out adjustments and repairs to instruments thoroughly and quickly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


High-quality Swedish quality instruments

Their daily aspiration and goal is to lead the industry through passion, perfection and reliability, working with physicians to provide products and solutions that enable safer and more cost-effective surgical procedures. They also strive to reduce the level of harmful radiation exposure to patients and clinicians. Their vision: it’s all about creating surgical perfection. For life.

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Micro-instruments that are developed on the basis of many years of cooperation with world-renowned surgeons

S&T is directly represented in most major microsurgical centers with advanced product lines ranging from tweezers, needle carriers, scissors, sutures to special instruments.

All S&T products undergo a 100% final inspection to prevent even the smallest statistical outbreak. That’s why they’re proud to give a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship on all their instruments.


Aspiration pumps of Swiss quality

Ardo’s reliable and high-quality aspiration pumps make daily work easier for medical professionals and support them in their demanding tasks. Ardo devices are durable and easy to maintain thanks to Swiss precision engineering. They are easy to operate, quiet and yet extremely powerful.

Your advantages at Ardo:
• Uncompromising quality
• Optimal adaptability to your needs
• Maximum safety for mother and child
• Exemplary warranty service

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Fractures often have to be temporarily fixed with screws, pins or plates to allow them to heal and adhere. In the past, these implants, made of stainless steel or titanium, usually had to be removed again in a second operation because this foreign material would otherwise have remained in the body where it could lead to problems (infections, bone shrinkage). Medical research has therefore been searching for many years for material capable of being naturally absorbed. Thanks to close co-operation and its major commitment to basic research, Syntellix succeeded in achieving the pioneering breakthrough with a major innovation. Previously only dreamed of by patients and doctors, this innovation has now turned these dreams into reality, and has already been used thousands of times: a biotransformable and metallic (stable) material for implants.

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Plastic surgery

Also for plastic surgery you have come to the right place. (Breast) implants of exceptional quality, excellent medical instruments and cooperation with top international surgeons is more important than ever.


High-quality implants (made in Germany) for form and function restoration

As a leading manufacturer of silicone implants, POLYTECH (Germany) designs and develops quality products that meet your beauty goals or recovery from mammary cancer. Patients and surgeons around the world rely on their implants and their quality to achieve their personal concept of beauty.

POLYTECH offers the widest range of high-quality implants, tailored to the specific needs of patients and surgeons: not only breast implants, but also buttock and calf implants, testicular implants and pectal implants.

POLYTECH offers the following implants:

  • Microthane implants: POLYTECH is the only company in the world to supply silicone breast implants with a polyurethane coating. These Microthane implants have been proven to have fewer complications, such as capsular contracture, twisting or displacement of the implant. A 1st choice product for both reconstruction patients and women considering cosmetic breast augmentation.
  • Micro textured implants in two types: Mesmo Sensitive and POLYtxt. Both implants have a micro texture, which reduces capsule formation and gives a natural result.
  • B-lite implants: the world’s first lightweight breast implants (30% lighter)! A highly advanced combination of POLYTECH silicone gel and air-filled microspheres (NASA technology) has created a unique lightweight breast implant that allows the woman in question to recover faster, requires less pain medication, and can therefore be active faster.
  • Smooth/Nano implants: for specific needs or wishes, the physician can choose these implants.

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Safe and efficient harvesting and delivery of fat for lipofilling

Tissu-Trans® is a simple and effective lipofilling system from Innovia Medical. Thanks to the built-in filter, the harvested fat can be sprayed back directly without centrifugation. We can deliver this sterile from 100cc to 2000cc. Demonstration movies can be viewed via this link or by clicking here.

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In addition to our offer intended for the professional market, we also have some products for private individuals such as mouth masks of Devenolux or the Lip Care of Klissa. Below you will find more information about these products.


High quality masks

Our high quality masks are made of 100% cotton that meets PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements. Our cotton has been approved for use by the WHO. The material is free of toxic substances and is also suitable for people with allergies. Thanks to the extensive processing and the high quality of the cotton, our masks can be washed 500 times at 60 or 90 degrees Celsius. The masks are breathable (protection factor of no less than 83%) and comfortable to wear. They are available in several colours and are produced by an Italian manufacturer who has been manufacturing professional medical clothing since 1929.

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To help add fullness to the lips and combat visible signs of aging around the mouth

Klissa Lip Care is a clever light-emitting diode (LED) device that uses natural light energy to help add fullness to the lips and combat visible signs of aging around the mouth. Lips have the thinnest skin and they deserve nothing less then a routine as extensive as your skin care or body care regiments. Part of this regimen is to hydrate and exfoliate your lips on a daily basis to remove dry, dead skin. However, this does not directly address the problem of collagen reduction. Aiming to stimulate collagen production, the Klissa Lip Care device can price to become an invaluable part of your daily lip regimen and this by using it for only 6 minutes a day.

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